Piemonte - Val Ellero


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General information                                                                   (Content)

Situation: In the Val Ellero about 30 km south east of Cuneo.
Climate: Mountain valley at an elevation of 800-1300 m. There can be snow, but also good conditions in winter though the road could be closed.
Rock: Volcanic, Porphyry.
Topo: Bouldertopo iBloc.

Boulder problems
About 300 boulder problems 3 - 7c+ in the main sectors and about 100 boulder problems in other sectors around

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The Fontana-boulder with its well is laying next to the road. "On the edge", 7a+ - technical and powerful!

In the main sector are waiting athletic traverses (6c/7a)....

...powerful overhangs (7b+)...


...and excellent power/technical-problems (6b).