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History of development



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Situation: An island of the Cyclades east of Athens.

Getting there:

During the season there are also Fast Ferries, but these cost also a bit more.

During the season it is possible to take a flight to the neighbouring island Mykonos. From there the ferry-trip to Tinos is much faster.

Rental car and accomodation:

Dieter who is living on the island offers all possible help.

Spoken languages: Greek, German, English, French.

He organises overnight accomodation, rental car and all you need.

Use this mail-adress to contact Dieter: E-MAIL


Shopping: Supermarkets and small stores can be found in Tinos town. In the small villages you will find only small shops and bakeries.

Best season: Late autumn until spring. Absolutely perfect in winter
Rock: Granite, often no need for cleaning.
Topo: Bouldertopo "Tinos-Bloc" by Karsten Oelze and Harald Röker published by the  GEBRO Verlag.



 The book is available online

 at the publishing houses webpage,

 at specialised dealers

 and at place at the rental car companies "Dimitris" and "Vidalis".


 And here you will find the Online Update-Topo for Tinos...

Boulder problems
About 550 marked problems in 17 sectors from Fb 2 to Fb 8b. Potential for some thousand problems.


Further info

In the meanwhile there do exist also bolted climbing routes on the island. You can find a topo online (texts in Greek) at the following link: Vrahomania - Tinos climbing.

Articles about Tinos                                                                        (Content)

History of development

Tinos - History of development


Videos                                                                                            (Content)

Video "Kreativity", Fb 8b [2,7 MB] (Climber: Harald Röker).  The same in high resolution [17,4 MB]


Photos                                                                                            (Content)

In the winter season the ferry from Athens needs about 4 hours to go to Tinos.

In more touristic times fast ferries are used which need only about 1,5 hours to the island.

Typical for Tinos are the white painted houses and many, many churches.

The white and blue painting is typical for the houses on the island.

Goats can be found everywhere on the island...

...and over New Year the goat population was nearly doubled.

In the north-east part of the island an about 20 squarekilometres wide boulderfield is spread over many hills.....

The rock offers nearly all kinds of climbing. Mantles, slabs, edges, roofs, overhangs, pocket climbing, crimps, chickenheads, huecos, small boulders, highballs - simply all you can imagine!!

Wolfe in 6a roofmantle in the sector Raki.


Bouldering holiday at its best - Livada Beach from far...


... and from a bit closer. The boulders are laying next to the beach!

Just chalk and climb! In this place cleaning is almost not necessary.

Deep blue sky, the sea and excellent rough boulders!

During wintertime the taverna next to the area was closed, but if it is a bit more busy, you can choose between beaching, bouldering and tavernaing - just depending on how you feel.

Bizarr rockformations on the beach - Harald Röker in Cornflakes Fb 5

Karsten Oelze in the sit-start problem  Linguistical Torture Fb 7b

Harald Röker in Kreativity Fb 8b

The new high-end problem in Greece is called Kreativity Fb 8b.

In the Waterbasin-sector

bizarr scultpures alternate with

Buttermilk-like 'Granite-eggs'.

Low sitstart problems with extreme moves....

...highball-like overhangs with 'chickenheads'

...here the same seen from the side...


...edges and slabs in a green meadow...

...excellent technical problems...

...and simply perfect lines all around you.

Another new Tinos-testpiece is an undercut flake

with nearly no footholds


Harald Röker in Turbine or not to be Fb 8a

The boulderfield near Volax was discovered about 1 year ago by some boulderers from Athens. In the background you can see the hills covered with an endless amount of boulders.

On our last day we found some extra-class problems in another sector. This can really not be found everywhere - a perfect diagonal crack leading through the middle of a huge overhang:

 Karsten Oelze in Flatliner Fb 7c


.... to be continued...














































Diving-club "DIVING IN BLUE"
(Topo for inspection) Diving-club "DIVING IN BLUE"
(Topo for inspection)